Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park is a famous tiger reserve area located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Established in 1936, it was the first national park in India and is known for its diverse flora and fauna. The park is named after Jim Corbett, a British-Indian hunter and conservationist who played a key role in its establishment.

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Jim Corbett National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including tigers, elephants, leopards, deer, and over 600 species of birds. It is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering opportunities for wildlife safaris, bird watching, and eco-tourism activities.

The park is divided into different zones, each with its own unique landscape and wildlife sightings. Visitors can explore the park on jeep safaris, elephant safaris, or even on foot with experienced guides. The lush greenery, rivers, and waterfalls in Jim Corbett National Park make it a picturesque and serene destination for those seeking a break from city life.

Overall, Jim Corbett Uttarakhand is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. Its stunning beauty, diverse wildlife, and tranquil environment make it a truly enchanting place to explore and experience the wonders of nature.

Things to do in Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park is a popular destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Here are some of the top things to do in Jim Corbett:

  1. Wildlife Safari: One of the main attractions of Jim Corbett is the wildlife safari. You can explore the park in open gypsy vehicles and spot a variety of wildlife including tigers, elephants, deer, and birds.
  2. Bird Watching: Jim Corbett is a paradise for bird watchers with over 600 species of birds. You can spend your time spotting and photographing different bird species in their natural habitat.
  3. Jungle Trekking: Explore the lush green jungles of Jim Corbett on foot by going on jungle treks. It’s a great way to get up close with nature and experience the tranquility of the forest.
  4. River Rafting: For adrenaline junkies, river rafting in the Kosi River near Jim Corbett is a must-do activity. Enjoy the thrill of navigating through the rapids surrounded by the picturesque landscape.
  5. Visit Corbett Waterfall: A visit to Corbett Waterfall is a must for nature lovers. The waterfall is a serene spot where you can relax, take a dip in the cool waters, and enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature.
  6. Dhikala Zone Exploration: Explore the famous Dhikala Zone of Jim Corbett National Park, known for its diverse wildlife population and stunning landscapes. Take a jeep safari or stay at the forest rest house for an immersive experience.
  7. Visit Garjia Devi Temple: Pay a visit to the Garjia Devi Temple located near the park. The temple is perched on a huge rock and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  8. Relax by the Riverside: Spend some peaceful time by the riverside, listening to the soothing sound of flowing water and unwinding amidst the natural beauty of Jim Corbett. It’s a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate.

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